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  • high performance
  • picking accuracy - stones from 25 mm to 550 mm
  • minimum pollution
  • large working width: 5 to 7 m
  • working depth up to 25 cm
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Husarya, a stone picker, is an innovative product created by three passionate and outstanding, experienced constructors: Sławomir Wiśniewski, Marcin Wiśniewski and Marcin Gołębiewski. It is thanks to their ingenuity and cooperation that this unique and innovative project was created, which effectively solves the problem of fieldstones present on agricultural land. That is not everything.

In Poland, almost 30% of the agricultural land area is filled with fieldstones, which makes it difficult to cultivate, sow and harvest. Many parts of the machines are damaged or completely destroyed during field work in stony areas. Undoubtedly, it is therefore necessary to thoroughly clear the fields. However, picking stones by hand is definitely ineffective: it takes a lot of time and requires a lot of energy and strength. A serious problem is also the lack of people willing to perform such exhausting and sometimes even backbreaking work related to agricultural production. The optimal solution to these issues is the modern Husarya stone picker.

Team Husarya

Awards won

Awards and titles that we can boast about

  1. Poznań International Trade Fair 2018 – Agropatent award
  2. Kielce AGROTECH Trade Fair – Golden Medal
  3. Agro Pomerania Barzkowice 2019- first place in the competition (3 awards) “The best at the trade fair – machines, equipment, technology”
  4. GRAND PRIX award for the Best Exhibitor
  5. First place in the competition “The best choice at the fair in the category of machines, devices, technologies”
  6. Consumer Award in the Innovative Agricultural Product 2019 competition Farmer.pl
  7. Third place in the “Innovative Company” category in the Innovator of Mazovia 2019 competition
  8. Poznań International Trade Fair Polagra Premiery 2020 (3 awards) – “Consumer Gold Medal”, “Gold Medal” and “Grand Prix” at Polagra Premiery 2020
  9. Nomination for the title “Symbol of Agribusiness 2020”
  10. Nomination for the “Good Design 2020” competition


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