Husarya SCS-300 / 50 - Usarya

Husarya SCS-300 / 50

Spacious stone container

Innovative stone collecting system

Stone transfer system

Dual side rotor system

Large stone collection width - 7 m

Husarya stone collecting machines are a combination of efficiency and accuracy. They remove stones from the field with a diameter of 5 to 50 centimeters. The working depth is up to 18 centimeters and the working width is up to 7 meters. All this makes stone collecting machines exceptionally efficient and effective.

It’s not everything! Husarya not only allows you to thoroughly clean the stony surface, perform field work more efficiently, and obtain richer, more abundant crops. The Husarya stone collection machine collects the stones, which then go into a drum where they are thoroughly cleaned. In this form, they are a perfectly prepared and eagerly purchased material used in the construction industry. Field stones are used in garden arrangements. Their properties are also used in the construction of, among others: ponds, terrace cladding, house foundations, fences, fireplaces, flower beds, wells.

Thanks to the Husarya machine, you can gain:

  • thoroughly cleaned agricultural land surface;
  • time spent manually collecting stones and looking for people to work;
  • additional costs previously incurred for employing stone collectors;
  • guarantee of the safety of other agricultural machines previously damaged by stones;
  • higher yields, harvests;
  • additional finances related to the sale of field stones.

Technical Specifications

Husarya SCS-300 / 50

The stone concerns:

• agriculture and horticulture,
• land rehabilitation,
• paddocks and race tracks for horses,
• beaches,
• treadmills.

wynik pracy mechanicznego usuwania kamieni
tył maszyny Husarya SCS-100

Stone removal:

• manual – high nuisance caused by the process and low work efficiency,
• mechanical Husarya SCS-1 DO high efficiency, picking accuracy and minimum contamination.

• large working width,
• working depth up to 25 cm.

Husarya SCS-100 przy pracy

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